Repeal the Second Amendment, or How to Nullify the Constitution

After every mass shooting you get the regular calls by concerned citizens to increase gun control. Las Vegas, within minutes, was proven no exception. But most alarming are the calls to repeal or modify the Second Amendment. Bret Stephens’ piece in the New York Times is the most recent popular call for this.

Let me state emphatically: repealing or modifying any of the first ten amendments will nullify the entire Constitution.

Don’t touch these

Why is that? Well, because the Bill of Rights was the fundamental compromise by the federalists to bring the anti-federalists to support the Constitution – known as the Massachusetts Compromise. Without those ten amendments, the Constitution would not have been ratified. Any changes to those amendments today invalidates that compromise and thus the entire Constitution.

One thought on “Repeal the Second Amendment, or How to Nullify the Constitution

  1. This is both true and misleading. While you cannot actually “modify” an Amendment, you can create a new Amendment modifying any part of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. The Massachusetts Compromise is not a law nor have any current baring on the Constitution.


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