Active Threats to the Second Amendment

I have to admit – I really thought that electing Trump would protect the Second Amendment for 4 to 8 years. However, I think the threats to the Second Amendment are worse than ever right now. Below are the current active threats I see:

  1. Kolbe v. Hogan: If the Supreme Court doesn’t take the case, then the right of states to prohibit weapons will be upheld. Specifically, the Fourth Circuit ruled that weapons “useful in military service” can be banned. This could be almost anything! Shotguns are used by the military for breaching/CQB. Bolt action rifles are used by military snipers. This really opens the door for much more than “assault weapons” to be banned. If the Supreme Court does take the case and the state of Maryland wins, Democrats in Congress will be emboldened to pursue stricter federal gun laws.
  2. Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Recently reintroduced by Senator Feinstein, this legislation revives the 1994 bill that outlawed “assault weapons” until 2004. While most seem to think this doesn’t have a chance of passing due to Republican control of Congress and the White House, I honestly don’t think the Democrats would be pushing so hard if they didn’t think they had a chance. I am concerned they are using the pending 2018 election to apply public pressure to get some moderate Republicans in moderate states to vote for the bill. Don’t underestimate the Democrats at this time.
  3. Bump Stock Ban: Legislation introduced after the Las Vegas shooting, also wrapped up in the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, intends to outlaw everything that could increase the rate of fire on semiautomatic weapons: bump stocks, trigger modifications, M16 bolt carrier groups, non-standard buffers – you name it, they will be banned. This could effectively ban most if not all commercially available and custom built AR-15s available today. This is not a ban on only bump stocks. This has the potential to effectively ban semiautomatic weapons altogether.
  4. Recent Mass Shootings: Yes, I know this is obvious. But what I mean by this is, these shootings have put a complete halt on pro-gun legislation that was about to be voted on. Specifically, the SHARE Act which would have loosened restrictions on supressors was to be voted on the week of the Las Vegas shooting. It very well could have passed, but now public pressure due to these shootings could prevent this from even being considered. Also, calls since Trump’s election to repeal the NFA will now fall on deaf ears. I think we lost the chance for these initiatives, unfortunately.
  5. The NRA: While NRA’s recommendation to have bump stocks be reevaluated by the ATF versus banned through legislation is preferable, these calls are not compromises we need to be making. Don’t get me wrong – I think bump stocks are stupid and gimmicky. But restricting them violates the whole “shall not be infringed” part of the Second Amendment. NRA should be holding the hard line of no further restrictions, not compromising.

I’m sure there are more threats here I’m missing. My larger point is that we can’t get comfortable. What can you do to help?

Stock up now!
Calling your Congressman really won’t accomplish much these days. In 2018, elect only 100% pro-gun candidates. Be a single issue voter.

Most importantly – do not give up your guns! Don’t cave to public pressure, don’t comply with new laws banning assault (or judicial rulings) – keep your guns regardless. Stop talking about them to people you know if they’re not a friend of the Second Amendment. Only take 100% pro-2A friends to the range – friends who truly understand the Amendment is for resisting tyranny, not hunting. Friends who are on the fence could be future snitches.

Buy more guns and ammo. Stock up now, and don’t talk about your new guns and ammo stockpile.

Now is the time to draw the line in the sand. Let gun controllers know we will not acquiesce.

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